Why Use Facebook as an Advertising Tool?

  • You’ll capture your target audience’s attention when they have the spare time to browse social media.
  • You’ll be able to migrate the Facebook audience right over to your site, and open up many more conversion opportunities.
  • Overall advertising rates on Facebook are much more affordable than using Google, and can be scaled to absolutely any budget.

Why is WME the best choice for advertising your business?

Our expert advertising staff boast over 20 years of web-based marketing and advertising experience.

We have a commitment to lowering your overall advertising spend, while at the same time increasing the reach and audience of your advertising campaign.

You will be assigned a personal, dedicated campaign manager who will take the time to give you constant updates on your Facebook advertising campaign’s progress and how it’s working to help you advertise more effectively.

Our methods

  • Target specific customers based on their geographic location – this can be all of Australia or just a single city
  • Alter and improve your target audience based on their interests, gender and age. It’s even possible to specifically target customers who ‘like’ your competitors’ Facebook pages
  • Target exact phones, computers and tablets i.e. iPhone, iPad
  • Capture customer attention through techniques such as attractive headers, attention-grabbing images and promoted Facebook posts

How will WME help your business?

  • Drastically increased website traffic which translates to more attention, more leads, more sales and more business overall
  • Detailed and accurate campaign tracking and reporting that provides all the information you need to make sure your advertising spend targets customers effectively and improves your business functioning
  • No hidden fees or additional set-up costs