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Strategies For Developing Great Website Content

Most guides to SEO (search engine optimisation) will tell you that quality content is the key for good rankings, but creating that content is not as easy as it sounds. The idea is that if you have great content on your website, people will want to look at it, share it and then Google and […]

Writing Great Titles & Meta Descriptions For SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) relies on consistency and this should be reflected in the title and meta descriptions of your website. In plain English, your meta title and description are usually what search engines take as what your page is about. While there is a big emphasis in SEO literature on keywords, these aspects of […]

Should you stress about Google algorithm updates?

If you have read anything in detail about SEO then you will know that a vast section of the internet is dedicated to panic over Google algorithm updates. The common consensus is that the updates can destroy your rankings and make all of your past work building links, writing content and generally optimising your website […]

Paid promotions for beginners

Paid promotions are an important tool in any online marketing plan, but they can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never handled them before. Whether you’re considering a paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, many of the same concepts apply. With Pinterest soon set to join the paid promotions game too, now is a […]

Understanding SEO & Staying Ahead Of Algorithm Changes

Is Google out to get small businesses? You can be excused for listening to conspiracy theorists when it comes to all the new algorithms. First it was Panda and many a websites were shut down because they were not compliant. Then came Penguin and a whole lot of websites was shot down the rankings because […]

Mistakes That Will Cost You Masses Of Traffic

As an SEO consultant for several years now, I have come to see that many of the mistakes that lead to loss of traffic are not the big things that go wrong. In many cases when websites lose traffic for a couple of hours, a couple of weeks and even months are the small things […]

Epic Fails When It Comes To SEO

In this new year, it is very important that you start off your SEO properly. Proper planning and implementation are key but so is avoiding some of the most common mistakes that businesses make in their SEO. You want results that will keep all your stakeholders happy but that will keep clients and leads coming […]