Case Study: Bella Sports

Client: Bella Sports
Contact: Patrick – CEO

The Story

A seller of affordable cycling apparel, Bella Sports launched their online store in 2007. Their extensive range of innovative products focus primarily on comfort, durability and value – and many of these products utilise the latest technology. Founded by an avid cyclist with more than 35 years of experience behind the handle bars, this range is tested by professional bike riders, ensuring it stands up to the rigours of both every day and professional use. As an expanding company, Bella Sports has customers here in Australia, as well as in the USA, UK, Europe, Asian, South America and Africa.

The Issue

Bella Sports launched their website in 2007 with the expectation that an influx of sales would follow. The CEO, Patrick, realised soon enough that is wasn’t simply a matter of “build it and they will come”. A little over six months later, the company was only receiving around 10 visitors per day, with next to no online sales. The issue lay within the fact that their website had little web presence – it was not showing up amongst the top pages for search results generated by the major search engines.

Ultimately, quality products and exceptional prices were not enough to generate sales. As Patrick put it, they “desperately needed help” – which is why, on the recommendation of a supplier, Bella Sports turned to the team at Web Marketing Experts.

Real Results

Bella Sports approached WME in mid-2008, seeking help in regards to web promotion and SEO. We addressed the following issues with their website:

  • No keyword optimisation anywhere on the website
  • No page rankings with any search engines
  • No search engine indexed website pages

In order to address these issues, we carried out the following:

  • The selection of relevant keywords, through industry research
  • Creation of quality content that included keywords and accurately portrayed the business
  • Tracking of the website’s performance on a monthly basis
  • Constant refinement in accordable with the website’s performance

Ultimately, our hard work paid off for Bella Sports. In August 2008, they were on the first page of Google for eight different keywords – a result that yielded them 270 visits per day. This number reached 1063 by November, a staggering result for a company that had 10 visits per day only months earlier.

For Bella Sports, the SEO service provided by WME was “a game changer”.  If you would like to experience this level of success for your business, contact the team today – we are always happy to answer any questions you might have!